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Interactive Dog Toy - IQ Treat Ball Food Dispensing Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs Durable Chew Ball - Nontoxic Rubber and Bouncy Dog Ball - Cleans Teeth

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  • PLAY SMARTER with your dog with the IQ Dog Treat Ball Toy. Fill it with his favorite treats or kibble and challenge him to get them out. Strengthen your dog’s mental capabilities while preventing boredom, furniture damage and fussy eater.
  • KEEP HIM ON HIS TOES with Treat Dispensing Ball. By controlling how many treats are dispensed and how easily they come out via adjusting the sliding door of the port, your dog’s problem-solving IQ will continue to grow.
  • PROMOTE GOOD DIGESTION by slowing-down your dog’s eating pace. This deters vomiting and bloat caused by swallowing too much air at meal time. This 2.8” interactive dog treat ball toy is ideal for Small to Medium breed sizes.
  • LONG-LASTING, NON-TOXIC thermoplastic rubber is 100% SAFE for all breeds and sizes. Flexing ever so slightly as your dog bites on it. The outer structure protects your furry friend from being hurt by broken inner ball. The IQ Pet Treat Ball also helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and strong.
  • CONTACT US if you have any questions or concerns regarding our product. We are happy to help.

Warm reminder: This interactive dog toys is only suitable for small or medium dogs or cat playing , not suitable for aggressive large dogs, please choose according to your dog to buy,thank you!
A 100% Safe and Durable, Increases IQ, Healthy Feeding ,Stop Boredom and Provide Better Fun dog chew toys Ball, And Suitable For Small or Medium Dogs!
Then This interactive Dog toys Ball is What You Are Looking For !

Great for Dental Hygiene

This interactive dog toys is made of 100% natural Durable rubber, Unique design helps to clean your dogs teeth.,Ensure your dog can play and chew it safely , and Easy to clean.

Increases IQ

This interactive dog toys,reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, while developing,and maintaining your dog’s physical alertness.

Healthy feeding

Fill the dog chew toys balls with your dog's favorite treats or food and it'll spill out while playing, to promote active and healthy feeding.Notice:Dog food is not included.

Provide better fun

Just fill the dog chew toys ball with your dog’s favorite treats,and watch them have a fun, interactive feeding experience


This dog toys for boredom is only suitable for ordinary small or medium-sized dog or cat playing, not suitable for aggressive large dogs, please choose according to your dog to buy, I believe your pet will love dog toys!
At last - the perfect small dog toys to stop boredom.

Package including: 1 x Dog Toy