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IDOMIK Dog Surgery Recovery Suit, Dog Onesie Recovery Suit after Surgery, Breathable Abdominal Wound Skin Diseases Protector, Cone Collar Alternative, Pet Dog Recovery Shirt

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Actual Color
  • Soft, breathable and stretchy

IDOMIK Recovery Suit for Dogs After Surgery, Recovery Shirt for Male Female Dogs, Cone E-Collar Alternative Abdominal Wounds Bandages Onesie, Anti-Licking Pet Surgical Recovery Snuggly Suit

OCCASIONS: Birth control, weaning, wounds, skin problems

Suitable for most small, medium and large dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Bichon Frise, French Bulldog, Pug, Jack Russell Terrier, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, etc..

【BREATHABLE MATERIAL】Made of cotton and polyester fabric, super soft, breathable and stretchy like a ladies swimsuit. It’s snug but not tight at all, washable and drys quickly. Size S, M, L XL, 2XL are available for small, medium and large dogs. Please do measure your furry friends' sizes before your purchase

【CONE E-COLLAR ALTERNATIVE】Wearing this Recovery Shirt on, more COMFORTABLE than he/she is in a cone while eating, sleeping and walking around, perfect alternative to the cone of shame/satellite dish that he/she have to wear on head. 100% COTTON POCKET ON THE BELLY PART, protects his/her special part and allows to put a Diaper/ Hot or Cold pad in

【PREVENT LICKING AND SCRATCHING】This Recovery Suit is designed to protect Pet's Wounds/ spots/incision, Bandages, hotspots, Skin herpes when he/she has an allergy flare up, and to keep pet calm & basically stress-free. It is going to make the recovery process more pleasant for everyone

【FOR MALE AND FEMALE PETS】 Full cover Surgical Snuggly for unisex dogs. Unfasten the rear part and roll it up with the magic touch closure band which is attached to the chest part, then dogs can pee freely. The classic plaid design makes your dog as cute as it used to be even in the recovery process

【Dog Surgery Recovery Suit】Recovery Suit for Dogs After Surgery, Recovery Shirt for Abdominal Wounds or Back Wounds, Anti-Licking Male Female Dog Cone E-Collar Alternative, Breathable Pet Onesie Surgical Snuggly Vest for Pet's Wounds, Bandages, Skin allergy flare up


Fabric Care Instructions:Hand or machine wash