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Hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with 24/7 Lighting Cycle 6 Colors 5 Intensity Customize Fish Tank Light for 48-54 in Freshwater Planted Tank with Timer

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  • 【Premium 5050 & RGB LED Bulbs 】hygger 978 Aquarium led Light features a super-bright 6500K white LEDs paired with the full-spectrum RGB LEDs to emit bright light to bring out the colors of your fish and plant. Ideal for used in fish-only tank and planted tank
  • 【24/7 Light Cycle】This 24/7 fish tank light replicates the natural living conditions, starting with warm orange light at sunrise to bright full spectrum light at noon and starry blue light at the last 30 minutes, default light auto on at 6 AM and auto off at 22:50
  • 【Customizable Lighting Colors and Intensities】LED Aquarium Lighting features 7 customizable lighting colors (full spectrum, red, blue, green, orange, purple and cyan) and 5 levels of intensities (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). By using different effects and colors you can create a spectacular atmosphere that really showcases the fish and creates a beautiful addition to any room
  • 【Easy Programming】The model is fully controllable using switch timer. You can easily choose the color and brightness you want to display by clicking second and thrid button, set lighting time to 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours by clicking first button. Click fourth button to 24/7 mode
  • 【For 48-54 IN Tank】The 48“ freshwater aquarium light contains (106) 6500K White, (43) 450-455nm Blue, (15) 620-625nm Red, (8) 520-525nm Green, (43) RGB LED's. 2815 lumens. 6500K. This system has adjustable mounting legs which can be used in aquariums with widths between 48 and 54 inches

Product Description



Sleek, low profile, black metal aluminum shell produces little heat. So it won't raise the water temperature.

Metal adjustable legs fit for wide arrange aquariums.


Dense, bright LED bulbs provides optimal illumination for fish and plant to grow.

Coated with water resistant material, no need to worry about splashes, or other accidental drops of water.


Super easy to program. Just plug it and less than 2 minutes programmming, leave it. Next day, the light auto light on and off without manual adjustment.

Convenient, easy to use, it brings you a visually clear, vivid funny underwater world.


DC powered, low voltage power supply keeps your energy bills down. Safe to use.

It is suitable for 100V-240V use.



5 levels of brightness available:

10% , 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Customize brightness and color for your tank and choose the timer to get your setup complete.


6 single-color available:

blue, green, cyan, purple, red and orange. Plus full spectrum light to promote the growth of plants.

PS: if you are cycling the light colors that the timer will not work. The brightness is unable to be adjusted and it will never turn off unless you manually turn off.


3 timers available:

6 hours, 10 hours, and 12 hours. Once timer set, the light auto turn on at the time you set.


Running 24 hours cycle can be a time saver to you. No long to turn on and off the light manually once set.

Dawn: soft orange light

Noon: full bright light

Moon: starry blue light

Mode 1, DIY mode

At this mode, you can program lighting color, intensity and lighting time. Once it save, next day the light will auto turn on exactly when you set the light.

  1. First button -- 3 lighting time available( 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours), you can choose one of these lighting time, for example, 10 hours. When you set the light at 7:30 am, it will turn off at 5:30 pm.
  2. Second button -- 7 colors available(full spectrum and 6 single-colors red, blue, green, purple, cyan, orange)
  3. Third button -- 9 level intensity options ( 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%,100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%)


1. You need to reprogram the light if power failure.

2. Long press second button to manually turn on off the light if needed.

3. Always keeps the switch timer in dry condition.

4. Do not put the light underwater.

Mode 2 -- gradual 24-hour light cycle

At this mode, this 24/7 fish tank light replicates the natural living conditions, starting with warm orange light at sunrise to bright full spectrum light at noon and starry blue light at nighttime. Lastly, it turns off automatically, giving fish and plant over 7 hours sleeping time.

The default light auto on at 6:00 and auto off at 22:50 which depends on the time section you choose. If you made the timer think it was an hour earlier than it really was. It would turn off an hour earlier than 22:50 and turn on an hour earlier than 06:00 the next day. Vice versa. For example, when you choose 8:00 at 7:45 am, it will turn off at 22:15 that day. Next day, it will turn on at 5:45 am.

  1. Fourth button -- press this button to choose the nearest time section. Give 10 seconds, the indicator light jumps to each time section.
  2. Leave it. The light changes the light color and intensity automatically mimicing the rhythm of nature .


1. At this mode, you are unable to change anything but the time section.

LED QTY 58 138 215 40 248
LUMEN 817 1662 2815 927 3346
CRI 85 85 86 89 89
FOR FISH TANK 12 IN ~18 IN 30 IN ~36 IN 48 IN ~54 IN 12 IN ~18 IN 48 IN ~55 IN