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Hitt Enterprises

Hitt Brands Pet Laser Exerciser Keychain Toy 2 Pack

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  • Provides endless hours of fun and healthy exercise for your cat or dog!
  • A great way to play and interact with the family pet.
  • Contains 2 separate laser keychains
  • Batteries included
  • You won't believe the reaction from your pet's reaction!!!

Entertain your pet from the convenience of your own couch/chair. Just press the button and a red laser beam places a dot of red light on a nearby surface. Your pet will chase the dot around as you move the laser up and down. This laser pet toy easily attaches to your purse, bag, or belt loop to have on hand whenever you want to play or give your pet exercise. Please use laser toys responsibly and keep the laser away from your pet's eyes as well as human eyes.