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Heiheiup Cat Litter Mat Kitty Litter Trappings Mat for Litter Boxes Kitty Litter Mat to Trap Mess Scatter Control Washable Indoor Pet Rug and Carpet Hooded Litter Boxes for Large Cats

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  • Gentle And Our Premium Comfort Pad Is Soft On Sensitive Paws. It Will Keep Your Cat Comfortable When Entering And Leaving The Litter Box. It Is Made Of , High-quality PVC Material That Is -, Phthalate- And Odor-.
  • We Offer The Cushions In 3 Beautiful Colors, Beige, Rose, Gray And Navy. You Can Choose A Beautiful Color That Blends In With Any Style Of Home Decor, Including Modern Or Traditional Designs.
  • Easy To Clean Just Shake, Vacuum Or Rinse With Soap. Your Mat Will Be As Good As New Our Litter Mat Size Is: 14.9x22.8 Inches Extra Large Size More Convenient To Use
  • Non-slip Backing This Mat Stays In Place Where You Put It. The Non-slip Backing Keeps The Mat In Place While Ensuring That No Litter Escapes Onto Your Floor. All-day Continuous Litter So It Won't Move When Your Cat Climbs In And .

Cat Litter Mat Kitty Litter Trappings Mat For Litter Boxes Kitty Litter Mat To Trap Mess Scatter Control Washable Indoor Pet Rug And Carpet Hooded Litter Boxes for Large Cats
Best matting. Reduce litter on the floor and keep PAWS clean and fresh. This litter catcher mat has a soft rubber material that catches and litter and it with a brush . Also fits under the feeding bowl to catch spilled litter.

Non-slip liner. This pad stays in place where you put it! The non-slip pad holds the pad in place while making sure no litter falls to the ground. Pick up litter all day long and your cat won't move when he climbs in and .

Gentle. Our Premium Comfort Mat is soft with sensitive PAWS. it will keep your cat comfortable when getting in and out of the litter box. It is made of , high-quality PVC material that is and phthalate- and odorless.

Available in 5 colors. We offer the mat in 5 beautiful colors: beige, rose, brown, red and green. You can choose one that perfectly combines any style of home decor, including modern or traditional designs. Easy to clean. Simply shake off, vacuum, or rinse with soap.

5. and your pad will look like new. Plus, this luxurious garbage collector brings peace of mind.

Size: 38*58cm

1*Cat Litter Mat