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Hamster Small Animal Play Pen,, 8 -Panels Outdoor Run Cage - White, 12 Panels Size L

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  • Pet Exercise Playpen
  • Hamster Outdoor Playpen Cage
  • Pet Playpen


Give your pet the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while still keeping him safely on your campsite
Arrange the eight panels to form a fenced area
Rounded corners protect pets, people and surfaces
with required. Easy to carry and store--folds flat
Perfect for hamsters, hedgehog, gerbils, hedgehog, and other small pets
Non- and


Materials: Metal Wire
8 Panels Size Panel Size: Appprox.23x15cm/ 9.05x5.90"
8 Panels Size L:- Each Panel Size: Appprox.33x21.5cm/ 12. 8.46"
12Panels Size S: - Each Panel Size: Appprox. 23x15cm/ 9.05x5.90"
12Panels Size L: - Each Panel Size: Appprox.33x21.5cm/ 12. 8.46"

Package Includes:

1 Set Hamster Playpen