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GOOBAT Planted LED Aquarium Light 12/20/24 Inches, Fish Tank Hood Led Lighting for Planted and Freshwater Aquariums, White & Blue LED Lighting System

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  • Perfect fits for 12 inch aquariums in length
  • 600 lumen output super bright but only 8W. Service time up to 30000h
  • 5730 high brightness LEDs; Ultra-thin aluminium alloy shell ensures excellent heat dissipation and keeps keep long service life
  • The aquarium strip led light fits for freshwater, saltwater, low-intensity plants and marine aquariums
  • The combination of 10,000K White LEDs along with 460Nm Actinic Blue LEDs create the perfect SPECTRUM for marine Fish, inverts, live Rock, corals and low-intensity plants to fluoresce like never before