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Gawwapet Dog Shoes Breathable Dog Boots with with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole 4Pcs/Set for Small Medium Large Dogs

Gawwapet Dog Shoes Breathable Dog Boots with with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole 4Pcs/Set for Small Medium Large Dogs

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  • [For Small Medium Large Dogs] These Dog shoes have 8 size. You can choose one for your lovely dog after measuring your dog's PAWS.We recommend wearing it after clipping your dog's nails. And choose a smaller size
  • [Breathable & Comfortable]Skin friendly breathable nylon fabric. Soft Dog Boots for Paws, so they can be used indoors or outdoors, in hot and cold, wet and dry conditions. Prevent sharp spines and hot roads. Effectively protect dog PAWS from high temperature, stone, glass and other injuries.
  • [Anti-Slip & Reflective Straps]The soles of Dog Booties are made of non-slip material to increase friction. The LACES are made of reflective material, making it safer to walk at night.
  • [For Hot Pavement & Hardwood Floors]Both indoor and outdoor, these Dog Shoes are great for your dog. Protects the hardwood floor by preventing your dog from slipping on it. The thickened sole is suitable for dog walking, hiking and other outdoor sports
  • [Customer Service]: Our size is based on the inner diameter of the shoe and is measured by hand, Please allow a little size error. You are welcomed to contact us with any questions about the products and services at any time. We will respond within 24 hours, you can purchase with confidence.

Product Description

[Upgraded Version Dog shoes]: Soft, Adjustable, Breathable, Anti-Slip

3 Key Points make it special: keep dog paws protected!

  1. Shoes design: Reflective design, adjustable hook. Safe and convenient
  2. Breathable upper design: multi-layer 3D mesh. Effective insulation, sweat, prevent most snow, sand
  3. 3 sides surround sole design: thickened silicone bottom. Soft and non-slip. Effectively prevent heat scald, cold injury. Keep the PAWS protected at all times

Gawwapet ADVANCED 4PCS Dog Shoes/ Dog Booties/ Dog Boots for your love dog !

[ Protect Dog Paws at Anytime Anywhere with Breathable & Adjustable Dog Shoes ]

  • 1. Protect Dog Paws in Outdoor with Upgraded Sole : The thickened silicone sole is good for protecting dog paws from sand and stone cuts. Very suitable for dog outdoor sports, such as mountain climbing, adventure, beach walks, and other outdoor scenes.
  • 2. Breathable Sandwich Upper Fabric: Keep your dog away from toe inflammation. We all know that the dog's paw has the function of dissipating heat. When the dog moves, the dog's paw will sweat and dissipate heat. The breathable sandwich upper fabric can not only prevent dust, but also breathe. It keeps the dog's paws in a dry space and prevents redness and inflammation.
  • 3. Adjustable Hook Strap Design, Reflective Fabric: The adjustable strap made of strong material is convenient for wearing shoes. Reflective materials make it better for dogs to walk at night.
  • 4. Waterproof Enclosure Imitating Suede: When the dog is running fast, it provides cushioning protection for the dog.
  • 5. Widened Shoes-Tongue Design: convenient for dogs of different sizes to wear shoes.
  • NOTE:The size of dog shoes is manually measured, and there may be errors. We recommend choosing a smaller code size for your dog's paw.

Gawwapet dog booties set standards for paw dressing for dogs who are hiking, biking, running, or exploring outdoor activities with humans.

Cold winter

These dog shoes can keep the dog's paws dry, warm and clean in cold winter, dogs can play as much as they want without frostbite their paws.

Rainny day

These dog booties are made with water resistant material, which can prevent rain from entering the shoes, keep the dog's paws dry and clean after the rain.

Seaside beach

When you take your dog to the beach or desert, these dog shoes can well protect the paws from the gravel and stones, so that the dog can better enjoy the scenery.

In house

When your dog comes back from outside with shoes on, you don't need to wipe muddy or sandy paws. And clean shoes are also suitable for indoor use to prevent dogs from scratching carpets or wooden floors.

Hiking and camping

Long-term hiking can cause serious damage to the dog's paws, so Gawwapet dog shoes are essential for hiking, let the dog enjoy the outdoor time while also giving its paws good protection.

Hot summer

The high-quality fabric makes these boots protect the dog’s paws from being burned in the hot summer, but soft and breathable to paws

Daily walking

These dog shoes are perfect for daily walks, protect the dog's paws against hurt from stones, asphalt, grass etc. Gawwapet dog shoes will make your dog fall in love with your daily walk time.

For hardfloor

Tough and anti-slip sole of dog shoes can provides stability and traction, make your dog walk comfortably on the hard floor, can prevent slipping and protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.

Night walking

These dog shoes have two reflective straps, make your dog visible and safe at night. If you like to take your dog for night walks, it is necessary to consider dog's safety.

Size Chart for Gawwapet Dog Booties


NOTE:The size of dog shoes is manually measured, and there may be errors. We recommend choosing a smaller code size for your dog's paw.

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