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Furniture Protectors from Cats - Cat Repellent for Furniture - Cat Scratch Deterrent - Cat Couch Protector - Scratch Pad - Cat Couch - Cat Scratcher - Cat Training Tape

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  • ★ UPGRADED VERSION ★ The second generation of Kernelly Shields will discourage your cat from scratching your furniture and effectively protect your fabric upholstery from pet claw damage. Your cat will be immediately disinterested in the areas that the anti-scratching furniture protector is applied. ***NOTE: We do not recommend using this product on Faux or Real Leather.
  • ★ X-LARGE PROTECTORS (40 inches Long X 6 inches Wide) ★ Larger transparent sheets mean you can easily cover a full section of your sofa upholstery with few sheets and prevent your cat from scratching around the tape. Also Kernelly can easily be cut providing you a variety of sizes and shapes that suit your needs. Kernelly covers at least TWICE more area than any similar products on the market.
  • ★ EASY INSTALLATION ★ It's very easy to install Kernelly. Peel off the self-adhesive pad, aim a place, stick the pad where you want to protect and secure it with twist pins(optional). Very easy, no complex steps nor tools. Kernelly was designed to install and forget. Kernelly also is 100% transparent and will completely blend with your interior décor. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable.
  • ★ STRONG AND FLEXIBLE ★ Kernelly is thick enough to prevent scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture so you can cover all corners of your couch offering a better protection. These cat scratching tape works as a real furniture defender.
  • ★ 100% RISK-FREE - If you have any questions with our furniture protectors, welcome to CONTACT US! We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours! From today on, don't put your furniture at risk. Note: due to the complexity of various materials, it is recommended that you select a small area for testing before completing the covering of the surface.

Kernelly Cat Training Tape - Your furniture protecer

Q: Is cat training tape safe to use on any surface?

A:Yes, this tape is safe for soft fabrics (such as sofas and armchairs) and hard surfaces (such as tables, stools, doors or counters). We recommend testing your pet with a small piece of tape in an obscure corner of your furniture to see how your pet will react. Note: Due to the complexity of the leather material, it is not recommended to use on leather surfaces.

Q: Does cat-proof tape work only for cats?

A: Cat scratch deterrent tape is most effective for cats, but it can also prevent puppies from spoiling furniture.

Cat scratch tape is a firm and durable scratch-proof tape specially designed for pet cats. It uses a durable silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, safe for pets, and harmless to the surface for furniture.

Tired of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture?

Quality - we use high quality pet ethylene production sofa protector from cat self adhesive, stay in your furniture for a long time, but when needed, it is easy to remove.

Trim the Cat Training Tape Sheet

Depending on the size of the furniture or your needs, use the bonus scissors to cut the protector.

Double-Sided Adhesive

You can use it as a double-sided tape, already beautiful very convenient. It can be easily removed when not needed

Excellent Scratch Resistance

The new generation of high-density paste materials have super anti-scratch property. This is not disposable garbage. Item will surprise you.

Easy to Remove Without Mess or Damage

For furniture, it is possible to remove without glue because of the new generation of adhesive materials adopted by FOCUSPET.

X-Large 40"x6" Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape

Larger sizes can save you a lot of money and help you protect your furniture more easily.

100% Transparent and Camouflage

Unlike our competitors' anti scratching tape, Kernelly's cat tape furniture is completely transparent and inconspicuous.