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Fortune-Star Fish Tank Cleaner New Upgraded Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit Vacuum Siphon Changing Water and Washing Sand with Air-Pressing Button and Fixed Valve

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  • 【New Upgraded Product】Aquarium gravel cleaner adopts a novel handle design (with a fixed valve), which reduces the output of manpower, saves time, and makes work more efficient.
  • 【Multi-Function】The newly upgraded fish tank cleaner can be used for changing water in the fish tank, gravel cleaner, washing sand, etc. Help you clean the fish tank and give your underwater friends a clean living environment.
  • 【Accessories Include】1* Air pressured control mechanism (with a fixed valve); 2*Lengthened Inlet pipe; 1* Extension pipe connector; 1* Water outlet hose (the water pipe can be cut off as needed); 2 *Water flow clamps(Easily adjust the water flow); 2*Fixture clamps (Water pipes clamp); 1*Glass scraper.
  • 【Scope of Application】Aquarium gravel cleaner kit is suitable for aquariums of various sizes.Can be spliced and assembled according to need.Please note that the water outlet must lower at least 20 inches than the inlet when using.
  • 【After-Sales Service】We strive to provide the best satisfaction for all of our customers. If you are not satisfied with our aquarium gravel cleaner, please feel will free to contact us, and we will send you a replacement or give you a full refund.

Product Description

  • Multiple Functions: Aquarium gravel cleaner kit can wash gravel, absorb dirt, and water changing,ect.Without touching dirty water with your hands.

  • Unique Design: Novel handle design (with fixed valve) has greater suction power. When the fish tank water changer is siphoning, you only need to fix this product on the fish tank glass. It saves time and effort,and Make water changes easier.

  • Suitable for a Variety of Water Tanks: This product is suitable for aquariums of various sizes. You can adjust the length of the inlet pipe according to the size of the fish tank.

Multiple functions

Sand Washing, absorbing dirt and water changing,ect.

Easily remove stains on the glass.

Aquarium gravel cleaner has a 3D filter basket design to prevent clogging.

Fortune-Star aquarium gravel cleaner is the latest design, using the siphon principle to have greater suction, and the comfortable grip provides a better user experience. Making it easier for you to change water! Suitable for daily cleaning of most aquariums.

  • Clean the aquarium regularly to provide a healthy and clean living environment for underwater friends.
  • Put the water inlet pipe into the aquarium, press the air pressure button until there is a steady flow of water, the next thing to do is to wait.

Easy to Install

The First Step

  • Connect the extension tube

The Second Step

  • Connect the inlet pipe

The Third Step

  • Connect the outlet pipe

Unique Design

  • Fix on the edge of aquarium (applicable to the 6mm thick glass)

Reminder: Aquarium siphon gravel cleaner uses the principle of siphoning to work, so the water outlet must be at least 19 inches lower than the water inlet. This way it will work smoothly. When installing and using, please ensure that all parts are tightly connected.

Package contains:

1 *Air pressure control mechanism

2 *Inlet Pipe (1 pcs 15.7in)

1 *Extension pipe joint

1 *Outlet pipe (82.7in, the water pipe can be cut off as needed)

2 *Water flow clamp (easy to adjust water flow)

2 *Fixture clamp

1 *Glass Scraper