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Finnex Marine+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED V2, Remote

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  • Fully Customizable LED Lighting
  • Built In LED Indicating Sensor
  • Four customizable color channels, Dimmable
  • 48 Inch

The Finnex marine+ 24/7 V2 LED Fixture offers users a unique fully automated 24/7 daytime and night time cycle. Set it once, and watch THE fixture go through a smooth daily sunrise to sunset - All hands free! The updated V2 version allows users to customize Time slots in 3 hour increments so that you may set the tone of your aquarium to your exact needs at given times of the day. Venturing out from the fixture’s 24/7 mode: also featured are four separate memory slots allowing users to save and access their custom colors and intensities on command. Also accessible via the remote are four different weather modes: Cloudy, Thunderstorm, Sunset, and Starry Moon Night. The marine+ 24/7 is equipped with a dynamic remote. The remote allows users to enter in and out of 24/7 mode, along with customizing various color combinations and commencing the four featured weather modes with a click of a button. To easily determine one's position while dialing in one's custom settings, the marine+ 24/7 Also features a receiver sensor, now built in to the unit, that has two different color indicator LEDs to clear any confusion. The 24/7 feature allows a seamless day cycle without having to reconfirm or refresh any settings. Commence the morning with a subtle sunrise, followed by an intensive high noon, dimming to peaceful sunset, ending with deep blue moonlight. Going into darkness mode from 2Am - 5Am allowing your inhabitants to get some shut eye, the enticing cycle repeats itself - automatically! No longer do users have to be locked into a single tone fixture with a simple on/off switch.