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Famure Flexible Hose Pipe 1 Inch/25Mm Hose Connector Flexible Garden Hose Flexible Anti-Kink Pond Hose Garden Tube Hose Pipe Hosing Supplies Imaginative

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  • Convenient to Operate: The Flexible Hose Pipe keeps water flowing into your pond uninterrupted. It is convenient to use and can be used in aquaculture.
  • Suitable For: Anti-Kink Garden Hose is compatible with standard ABS bucket fittings with a 1"/25mm hose thread outlet. Anti-kink tubing will not restrict flow.
  • Durable and Reliable: Made of ABS material, the Flexible Garden Hose Pipe is solid, safe, and sturdy. A reinforced ribbed outer layer adds durability and utility.
  • Solid and Flexible: Corrugated Water Hose Pipes are flexible enough to move around and under objects. It has a high-quality construction that will not curl or collapse.
  • Widely Used: Corrugated Tap Hose is ideal for ponds, water gardens, aquariums, fountains, aquaculture applications, and more. It is a practical hose fitting.


If you're installing a new pond filter or water feature, you may need some flexible corrugated pond hose. The corrugations in the hose give it strength and flexibility, allowing you to make turns without kinking.


Name: Corrugated Hose

Material: ABS

Nominal diameter: 25 (mm)

Connection type: thread

Packing list(Optional)

2 x connectors(25mm) + 1 x hose (0.5 meters) 


2 x connectors (25mm) + 1 x hose (1 meters)