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Dsuny Popbloom 60W Aquarium LED Reef Light for Saltwater Coral Fish Tanks,Four Channels Wireless Controller Marine Mini Nano Fish Tank Coral Lights Saltwater Tanks Saltwater Aquarium Lights Coral

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  • -Reef-growth light output for optimal coral growth and coloration, can promote optimal coral growth and enhance dramatic coloration, while creating a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.
  • -Reef-safe four -channel color setting plus dedicated moonlights, Homogeneous light due to the bigger size to cover tank, Shannon remote for easy dimming, timing, sunrise, sunset, moonlights and day & night setting, Anti-glare recessed lens.
  • - 60W, the light has a peak PAR of 150µMol at a depth of 24 inches, there is no dark area at the bottom of the tank, which is more suitable for coral growth, mimic natural light to help corals/reef achieve the best balance, perfect for small to medium reef tanks.Suitable tank width: 20-40cm(8”-16”), height: 30-60cm(12”-24”)
  • -Comes with a smart remote, for easy dimming, timing and day & night setting, full function: sunrise & sunset, 24 hours auto-running, allowing you to adjust the light intensity and spectrum for your tank.
  • -Easily mount the light on your rimmed or rimless tank with the gooseneck mount included. Material is aluminum: upgraded aluminum heat sinks are easy for heat dissipation. Glass/Rimmed thickness:0.8-2cm(0.3”-0.8”)

NOTICE : This is the Shannon16 Pro, which is the update generation of Shannon16. Each Light Panel
Lighting Area: 16” x 16”
Dimensions: 6.3” x 4.7” x 1.4”
LED Quantities: 24pcs High Penetration LED
Power consumption: Max 60 Wattage 30% higher energy efficiency compare with others

Panel Parameter
Programmer 1(18W): 18000K White
Programmer 2(2W): Moonlight
Programmer 3(36W): Reef-grow blue
Programmer 4(2W): Kelvin-adjustment
Smart Remoter
EASY USE: one remote in hand, simple and smart
FULL FUNCTION: sunrise & sunset, 24 hours auto-running
DIY: design the special light with 4 channels

Package Includes
1 x Remote
1 x Panel
1 x DC Power Adaptor
1 x Power Cords
1 x Arm Kits
1 x User Manual