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Drainbo Pet Residue Cleanup, 32 Oz

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  • Certified by the Natural Products Association
  • 32 oz bottle covers a 2000 sq ft area
  • Easy-to-use design, simply connect a hose and spray odors away
  • All-natural bacillus bacteria digest waste to eliminate residue and odor, not just mask it
  • Your safe, all-natural solution which will not burn pet paws like chemical products can
  • Eliminates pet waste from grass, artificial turf, pet runs, kennels, rock, concrete and more
  • Not harmful to people, pets or plants
  • Finally be able to enjoy the space without the odor left behind by pets

Stop odors from taking over your yard! Drainbo's Pet Residue Cleanup is ideal to keep pet runs, grass, artificial turf, kennels and more clean and odor-free. It is designed to permeate into the pores of surfaces such as concrete, soil, grass, rock and more to digest out and eliminate the urine and fecal residue left behind in turn eliminating the odor. Unlike many other products that simply mask the odors Drainbo's Pet Residue Cleanup truly eliminates the source of the odor giving long-lasting results. Like all Drainbo products it is safe for people, pets and plants. So stop using harsh chemicals to clean up after your pets, which can harm your pets as well as your plants and reach for the safe, all-natural solution in Drainbo Pet Residue Cleanup.

Drainbo Pet Residue Cleanup, 32 Oz: