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DOZZOPET Guinea Pig Cage Liners,Small Animal Washable Absorbent Pee Pads,Waterproof Pet Bedding Mat with Dust Pan Set for Bunny,Rabbit,Hedgehog(2 Pack)

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  • Reusable & Washable Pads:Measures 47" x 24" to fit the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat.Come with 2 cage liners so that we always have a clean pee pad ready when one was washing.Just wash them every third or fourth day.Save your time.
  • Super Absorbent & Odor Control:Made of mesh cloth on top and a super absorber in the middle.The top mesh cloth will absorb urine from the top down to the middle layer,will do better than the fleece. The compressed inner layer is highly absorbent to keeps the surface dry and odorless.
  • No Leaking & Less Mess :The bottom is made with a composite TPU waterproof and anti-slip pad, to keep urine from soaking through and soiling the cage itself.No need for a tray or extra bottom blanket, simply place it inside the cage on top of the canvas lining.
  • Easy To Clean:The surface is smooth,will not stick the piggy paw,hay and bedding.Come with a tiny dustpan cleaner to sweep up hay and droppings from the surface.Simply sweep and shake off the pig stuff,wash on cool or cold,and dry on low.For best results, air dry.
  • Safe For Pet:The material is soft for delicate little pig feet.Get rid of messy disposable bedding,choose the DOZZOPET cage liner to give pet a happy, healthy, cozy life.The pad is not only can be used for piggies,but also great for hedgehogs,chinchilla,ferrets, and other small rodent pets.

Product Description

I owned my guinea pig named GIGI. She eat,she poop,she sleep,repeat.Sometimes she run around as well, adding to the mess she have already made beforehand. I try paper bedding which is wasteful and expensive,fleece cage liners which will stick the hay and hard to clean.

So I designed the DOZZOPET mesh cage liner,it not only gives her a more comfortable yet clean surface, which is easy to maintain and keep clean,but also save my time and money.

Mesh Cloth

Safe & soft for pet,will not stick hay,hair and little piggy paw

High Density Absorber

Super absorbent & odor control

Waterproof & Non-slip Bottom

Keep the cage dry and dry and ensure pets do not move when running

Mini Dustpan

Sweep up hay and droppings from the surface

FUNCTION A unique way to feed & entertain pet Provide pets with fun, exercise, and shelter