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Dog Palace DP Hunter Insulated Dog House, Small, 29"L X 23"W X 23.50"H

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  • Heating pad has built-in thermostat and electrical fuse
  • Heating pad and cover included
  • Easy pass-through self-closing door
  • Up to 4" of real foam insulation in each panel
  • Insulated dog house with sloped floor and drain hole to make cleaning easier
  • Self-storing window panels reposition from winter's closed position to summer's cross ventilation position without the need for tools.
  • Outside dimensions 29"L x 23"W x 23.5"H
  • Inside dimensions: 25"L x 19"W x 17"H
  • Door opening dimensions 12.5"H
  • Width top half of door 10.5"
  • Width of bottom of door 12.5"
  • Recommended for small dogs such as Beagles, Basset Hounds, Pugs or cats
  • Package includes Dog Palace dog house and heating pad

Protect your dog from the elements while outdoors with this Dog Palace DP Hunter Dog House. It's made of high-quality materials and features up to 4" of real EPS foam insulation in the wall and ceiling panels. The Dog Palace dog house also has a self-closing door to provide significant protection against the elements with a built-in window so your dog can see out while resting comfortably. Additionally, the self-storing window panels easily reposition from a closed position during colder months to a cross-ventilated position for warmer months without the need for using any tools. This Dog Palace DP Hunter Dog House has a floor that's raised 4" off the ground to keep your pet dry and comfortable. In addition, the floor also features a drain hole and a slight slope to make cleaning a breeze. The Dog Palace dog house comes with a heating pad that's water-resistant, provides low heat, uses low voltage and has a built-in thermostat and an electrical fuse.

It works well with the dog house, but can also be used on its own indoors in places like your garage or basement.
DP Hunter Insulated Dog House with Heating Pad: