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Dog Boots for Large Dogs, BOWITE Waterproof and Non-Slip Dog Shoes with Reflective Strips, Dog Booties Outdoor Paw Protector 4Pcs/Set, Orange

Dog Boots for Large Dogs, BOWITE Waterproof and Non-Slip Dog Shoes with Reflective Strips, Dog Booties Outdoor Paw Protector 4Pcs/Set, Orange

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  • SIZE: In order to make the dog's paws better fit the shoes. Must refer to the size chart for the most comfortable fit,please. These dog shoes are suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
  • SAFT: Double straps with reflective effect. Reflective faux leather on the toe part . At night, you can keep your dog safe when you go for a happy walk with your dog. When the dog is running around mischievously, it can be easily found.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Gusset on top front to easy on and off. Triangle closure for easy on and off. Adjustable straps allow the dog's paws to better fit the dog's shoes. This process has since made the dog fall in love with wearing shoes. And enjoy the care and gentleness of the owner.
  • QUALITY: Waterproof spandex fabric .PU fabric binding. Rubber non-slip sole. Breathable faux leather trim on the toe and sides. Effectively protect dog claws from heat, stones, glass, etc. It protect the weak paw from snow, ice, salt during winter. Gives more protection to dog paws.
  • FAHION: Classic and stylish design makes your dog more cute and handsome. Get more compliments for your dog. Accompany each other with dogs, enjoy and love a happy life together.

Product Description

Brand Story

Bowite brand has been committed to the research of pet products. As a pet lover, give love and care to every pet.

Let every pet grow up healthily and happily, let every pet have a warm home, and let every pet deeply appreciate the care and companionship of family members. This has always been the philosophy of our brand.

Size Referance:

Size 1 for dogs around 15lb

Size 2 for Schnauzer;Bichon Frise etc.(19.8lb)

Size 3 for Standard Poodle;Schnauzer etc.(Over 23lb)

Size 4 for Akita;American Cooker Spaniel etc.(About 33lb dog breed)

Size 5 for Border Collie;Cooke;Medium Chow Chow etc.(43lb mixed border collie;55lb American Pit Bull)

Size 6 for Medium Samoyed;Husky;Labrador;Medium and large Chow Chow etc.(65lb;70lb pitbull)

Size 7 for Medium Golden Retriever;Large Samoyed;Labrador etc.(75 lb GSP;90 lb German Shepherd)

Size 8 for Large Golden Retriever;German Shepherd,Rottweiler;Old English Sheepdog;Alaska Malamute etc.(80lb labradoodle;90 lb Lab)

Night Walking

These dog shoes have reflective straps, make your dog visible and safe at night. If you like to take your dog for night walks, it is necessary to consider dog's safety.

In House

When your dog comes back from outside with shoes on, you don't need to wipe muddy or sandy paws. And clean shoes are also suitable for indoor use to prevent dogs from scratching carpets or wooden.

Outdoors Protect Dog Paws

When the dog is playing outdoors, our shoes protect the dog from heat, cold, stones, glass, etc.

Easy to Put on & Take off

Triangular closure for easy on and off. Double-layered Velcro reflective straps make it easy to put on dog shoes. Tighten the straps as tightly as possible to allow the shoe to fit better on the paws.

Rainy Day

Waterproof four-way stretch fabric that prevents rain from entering the shoe, keeping your dog's paws dry and clean after the rain.

Anti-slip Soles

Soft rubber design, non-slip, giving your dog better control.

Waterproof NO N0 NO NO
Breathable. good excellent excellent excellent excellent good
Reflective Tape
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