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Chew King Dog Toy Box Large - Durable Fetch Balls, Treater and Chewing Toy Collection

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  • COMPLETE KIT OF CANINE FUN: Inside you’ll find three ways to keep your loyal dog entertained throughout the day and reward good behavior. It’s a wealth of rewarding fun for you both, and comes in three sizes to choose from. 
  • FETCH BALLS INCLUDED: No slobbery tennis balls here. Chew King Fetch Balls Dog Toy are made of natural rubber that’s gentle on your dog’s mouth but still resilient, with a fun erratic bounce. Better yet, there’s no soggy felt to handle! 
  • NYLON CHEW BONE: It’s a long-lasting treat toy still goes easy on your dog’s teeth by helping to remove tartar to keep them healthy. Grooves on the surface make it a great treat, too – just slather a bit of peanut butter on top! 
  • CHEW KING TREATER: Put a treat inside and watch your pet go to town. Made of natural rubber, it’s nontoxic, resilient and easy to clean – just throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher. 
  • HELPFUL TIPS: Just getting started with a new dog? The Chew King Box comes with helpful tips on proper treating and training for your loyal pal.

Want to treat your furry pal? The Large Sized Chew King Dog Toy Box comes packed with three ways to brighten your pet’s day – fetch balls, a nylon chew bone, plus a Chew King treater. Fetch balls are made of natural, durable rubber that outlast tennis balls, with an erratic bounce for more fetch-time fun. The nylon bone makes a royal treat for your pet, while keeping your pup’s teeth and gums healthy. The Chew King Treater is made of natural, durable rubber to stand up to tough chewing for treating fun day after day. Instructions included for getting the most out of your toy box. The perfect present for an exceptionally good pup!