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Cfowner Cat House Hidden Litter Box Furniture

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  • Color: Brown
  • Material: P2 Density Board
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9" (L) x 20"(W) x 20.2"(H)
  • Door openings size: 8.3”x 6.5”
  • Side window size: 4.6”x2.4”
  • Top panel Thickness:18mm
  • Door, side panel, and bottom Thickness:12mm
  • Net Weight: 17.2 lbs

With a stylish outlook and modern style, The litter box furniture is an elegant way of concealing cat litter boxes. A wide top with an apron is designed to place your personal items like potted plants and drinking cups. To minimize cleaning up a pile of litter outside of the box, specially designed a lockable hinged door as well as a cat entrance hole for easy cleaning up and convenient your cat coming and going. Vent holes help drop away litter odor. This cat house is a universal, aesthetic, practical litter box for your kitten.


  • Good ventilation and high privacy, excellent for indoor cats.
  • It’s a cat cave and an ornament of your home as a side table.
  • Wide top providing lots of space for extra storage.
  • Magnetic door protects it from opening when your cat goes in and out.
  • High quality P2 density board makes it strong and durable