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Cats Catnip Toys,Realistic Fish Interactive Toys for Kitty Pets

Cats Catnip Toys,Realistic Fish Interactive Toys for Kitty Pets

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  • 🐱【Catnip Toys】: Catnip toys have a strong aromatic smell, which stimulates your cat to play. It keeps your cat busy when you're away
  • 🐱【Washable cat toys】: Don't worry about getting dirty, you can wash these cat toys directly
  • 🐱【Safe and healthy material]】: Plump and full, let the cat hug and chew with peace of mind
  • 🐱【Fish Shape】: Returning to the cat's nature, the cat's natural sensitivity to fish shape has been activated
  • 🐱【Multiple shapes】: Our catnip toys have a variety of fish shapes to choose from, and it is more cost-effective to buy two

                        🐱Cats Catnip Toys,Realistic Fish Interactive Toys for Kitty Pets


1. Our fish-shaped catnip cat toy is a mini plush toy. Kittens and puppies can enjoy it by scratching and chewing it.

2. Use cartoon fish patterns. This cats toy is made of cotton filled with catnip and maracas, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Kittens will love this sounding toy!

3. The effect of catnip is very short, it will not make cats addicted, and will not produce side effects. It makes lazy cats more active, and energetic cats become lazy.

4. Since the outer shell of this toy is made of cotton, please do not give it to a particularly tenacious cat to avoid damage

🐱Material: catnip, plush, cotton

Size: As picture

Color/style: pink-dipling bream, orange-dipling bream, blue-tiger carving, gray-blue-star spot carving, orange-agave, yellow-orange-striped fish, gray-blue-striped fish

Weight: 0.05lb

Include:1 x catnip plush toy

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