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One Source International, LLC

Cat Craft Large Grey Deluxe Super Soft Cat Bed (18" round Deluxe Bolster Bed)

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One Source International Climb, Stretch and Play Cat Trees, Condos, Cat Beds, Scratchers and Toys provides your cat the perfect place to scratch, stretch, lounge and play. Our cat product saves your household furniture from destructive behavior. Provide cats with comfortable and warm places to rest and sleep. Multi-level padded platforms provide additional area for jumping, pouncing and resting. Our Quick Connect Toys will engage your feline to play. The posts are coiled with Sisal, Seagrass and Carpet. Keeps your cat nails groomed, allows your four-legged friend to fully stretch and play. Easy to assemble instructions.

A large (18" Round) deluxe bolster bed that is super soft for your cat You can add this to any Cat Craft/Max and Marlow Items that are marked with the Easy Kitty Building System Logo With the Easy Kitty Building System you get two different size nuts (T-Nuts) placed in various areas on the items The smaller size T-Nut is for Toys. Larger T-Nuts are for Beds and Spinning Laser Topper Product Dimensions: L 18" x W 18" x H 6"