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Healthy Pet

Carefresh Natural Soft Paper Fiber, Small Pet Bedding, Brown, 30L

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  • Safe for pets and families
  • Non-toxic and low dust, softwoods are kiln-dried to reduce aromatic hydrocarbons, colors will not run or stain
  • Natural pet bedding leaves habitats cleaner
  • Absorbs liquids to keep pets dry and comfortable and does not cake to bottom of cage
  • Soft bedding promotes natural behaviors like burrowing and nesting, while providing warmth for sleeping
  • Carefresh pet bedding is made with Earth-friendly materials
  • Made from reclaimed fiber and forest by-products, both sustainable resources
  • Paper shavings pet bedding is 100% biodegradable and compostable

This Carefresh Small Pet Bedding will make it easy for pets to burrow and nest, keeping them comfortable. It can absorb twice the amount of regular shavings, offering extended use you can count on. This Carefresh pet bedding comes in a large size for your convenience. It's simple to spread around.

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding: