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Bsyang Dog Agility Training Equipment, Dog Obstacle Course Training Starter Kit - Pet Outdoor Games with Tunnel, Weave Poles, Adjustable Hurdle, Jump Ring, Pause Box, Toys and Carrying Bag

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  • UNIQUE DOG AGILITY EQUIPMENT KIT: Bsyang PET backyard obstacle course set gives you more options to build trust with your dogs and keep them healthy by exercising. Whether it is training for competition or just for fun, you should own this agility training equipment for dogs!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: This agility training equipment for dogs is made of ABS material, safe and non-toxic! The carrying bag with handle is made of 190T tear-resistant polyester fabric, so even if scratched by the paws, there will be no large-scale damage!
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR & EASY SET-UP: Our agility course kit will bring you hours of fun with your dog and keep your pup in shape no matter the weather! It is lightweight, easy to set up and take down without tools in just minutes, and easy to carry to the outdoor or the indoor big stage!
  • FUN & CREATIVE COMBINATION: It is perfect for dogs that need to sharpen obedience, speed, and dexterity; Bsyang dog agility training equipment has everything supplies you need to get going and is recommended for (small/ Medium/ large) dogs of any age!
  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS & WHAT YOU GET: This doggie agility set is a great gift idea for young and old dog lovers! This kit includes a square pause box, adjustable dog agility jump hurdle with pole connectors, tire jump, weave poles, agility equipment carrying bags, and an instruction sheet for your convenience!

Important information

Build Relationship - Dog training is an extremely fun and creative way to build an amazing bond with your dog. The purchase of such a training combination set is nothing but a icing on the cake; After training again and again, not only the agility of pets is increased, but your little cutes are also enough to enjoy the full love of the owne

Product Description

Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Kits

*Offer great exercise and help tire out active dogs.

*Great for training and teaching new commands.

*Can be used indoors when weather is bad.

*Portable kit is easy to set up and take down.

*Great way to play with you dog indoors and outdoors.

HAVE FUN! Get to spend some quality time together!

Bsyang Dog Agility Training Equipment Set

What a great way to spend time with your pooch!

Do you want to Change your dog’s bad habits such as destroy/ obesity/ irritable/ loneliness anxiety? Do you want to improve your dog's health and agility ?

Bsyang Pet brings you the all encompassing dog agility set! Designed for a complete dog workout experience, this 60piece set has it all! Each piece of the set is made with premium quality material to accommodate even the hardest playing pet.

An innovative on pet exercise

his puppy agility aids set allows you to train your dogs develops control, confidence, fitness and keep them challenged!– Most importantly – the bond between you and your loyal furry sidekick.

This dog obstacle courses starter kit is sure to become your favorite go to dog training platform!

Adjustable Jumping Rings

In the urban conditions, most dog owners face a problem of insufficient sport with the pet. As a result, dogs suffer from lack of physical and emotional activity, and pets have problems with obesity and chronic diseases.

To keep it simple, dog jump ring is what they sound like, hurdles that dogs jump over. And the tire jump or agility ring is a pro agility obstacle, basically is an advanced jump bar.

As this exercise includes not only jumps, but also catching of a toy ball with teeth and interception from one ring to another, the neck and shoulders receive full-fledged and maximum of possible activities.

The dog gets the maximum activities, especially if tosses by neck during the pulling. This develops strength and endurance, and also allows splash out the accumulated overpowered energy.

5 Piece Weave Poles

Often the dog begins to suffer loneliness anxiety, which is manifested in the fact that it can spoil the furniture or furnishings while the owner is away from home, or even may be aggressive towards both owner’s family and the owner himself.

The objective of dog agility weave poles is to teach your dog to zig-zag through the 5 poles till the end and go to the next obstacle of your agility course.

It will provide daily interactive play yard training for dogs by and all the necessary physical activities, so the dog owner doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on walking dog.