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BIGTREE Dog Self Cool Mat Summer Cooling Kennel Crate Comfort Pad Blue Medium

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  • PET COOLING PAD - Helps keep your pet cool by staying five to ten degrees cooler than room temperature. Helps keep our fury friends comfortable.

  • KENNEL PAD - Great idea to line a pet kennel or carrier with a comforting cooling pad.

  • PET BED LINER - Provide comfort in a pet bed and adds extra layer of cushion.

  • Post DOG WALK - Great way to help your dog when exercising during hot days cool down after a walk or run.

  • Size: M
  • Color: Blue

When summer comes, the heat is always unbearable, and pets are no exception. So how can we keep our friends cool on a hot summer day? A pet cooling pad is a good way to provide comfort to your pet during hot days or strenuous activities. Stay cool gel can be cooled before use by placing in a refrigerator. The mat is easy to wipe clean and can be used in a variety of ways. Use this mat to cool your dog down after walking him in all seasons, not just in the hot summer. In addition to its cooling function, it can also be a hotbed for your pet to spend a sweet night dreaming. Do you like keeping pets? If so, buy one for your partner. I'm sure they'll love it. I hope this M blue pad can bring pleasant experience to your friends!