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BARK Strawberry Snortcake Pup - Yankee Doodle Dog Toy, Packed with Fluff, XS-M Dogs

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  • Packed with extra fluff and made with crazy crinkle and a squeaker for more engaging play.
  • Great for Photo Ops.
  • Great for dogs of all sizes.

This popscicle dog toy is not for suckers. It's a material medley filled with fluff, crazy crinkle, and a squeaker that's great for pups of all sizes. Strawberry Snortcake Pup is perfect for photo ops, or for parading around on a hot summer day. Just look out for brain fur-eezes. This BARK original toy is part of our Yankee Doodle Dogs collection, which we salute, one nation under dog. Made by dog people, for dogs and their people, backed by BARK's Happiness Guarantee.

BARK Strawberry Snortcake Pup Yankee Doodle Dog Toy