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BARK Pup-Pup Fireworks - 2 Yankee Doodle Dog Toys, XS-S Dogs, with T-Shirt Rope Great for Tug-O-War

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  • Made with long & strong hair for dogs who like to shred when they play.
  • Made with T-shirt rope and 2 squeakers for more engaging play.
  • Great for extra small to small dogs, between 9 and 20 pounds.

These firework dog toys are bursting with features to wow your small pup! The dynamic duo of Pup-Pup Fireworks will light up your little firecracker with T-shirt rope for tugging, long & strong hair for thrashing, and squeakers for making a whole lot of noise. Do we need to say it? BOOM! This BARK original toy is part of our Yankee Doodle Dogs collection, which we salute, one nation under dog. Made by dog people, for dogs and their people, backed by BARK's Happiness Guarantee.

BARK Pup-Pup Fireworks Yankee Doodle Dog Toy