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BARK Dogsup Super Chewer - Yankee Doodle Dog Toy, BBQ Scented Natural Rubber, M-L Dogs

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  • Barbecue scented, natural rubber with treat dispensing. Fit treats inside for a tasty challenge!
  • Rock and wobble base for surprise movement and more engaging play. Paw-friendly shape for easy grip leverage.
  • Great for medium and larger dogs — 20 to 50 pounds and over.

This ketchup bottle dog toy is perfect for your condi-mutt. The barbecue-scented natural rubber will squirt out hours of fun for your hard-chewing pup. Use it as a treat dispenser so your dog can squeeze out even more fun from their play time. This BARK original toy is part of our Yankee Doodle Dogs collection, which we salute, one nation under dog. Made by dog people, for dogs and their people, backed by BARK's Happiness Guarantee.