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AVAIL Pet Small Rat Toilet Basin, Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan Let Small Animals Develop the Habit of Toileting at a Fixed Point, Dry and Hygienic

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Actual Color
  • Removable grid floor design keeps messes away from pet and keep your baby pit's feet clean.
  • Premium Quality. Amakunft small animal litter pan made of plastic. Durable and pet-safe.Non-stick surface for easy maintenance.
  • Size:11 inch long, 9.1 inch wide,5.9 inch high, The ideal size is suitable for adult rabbits, adult chinchilla, adult guinea pigs, ferret or other small animals is relatively large.
  • Comes with attached cage hooks and holes designed to hold the litter tray securely to your cage to prevent sliding.
  • [Product material]: plastic + steel wire pedal

[Product material]: plastic + steel wire pedal
[Product packaging]: single opp bag
[Product specifications]: 28*23*15cm/11*9.1*5.9''
[Product weight]: gross weight 460 grams, net weight 450 grams

[Product features]:
1. The bottom net has a strong bearing capacity, steel wire bottom net, four-point force, can withstand large and heavy pets, such as adult rabbits.
2. There is a heightening design, the toilet basin is heightened on three sides to prevent urine spraying, the front height is 6CM, the baffle height is 10.5CM, and the bottom net is large. The gap does not accumulate.
3. The knob is fixed, and any wire cage can be fixed according to the size. The height of pets needs to be adjusted arbitrarily, easy to disassemble and assemble. 4. Let small animals develop the habit of going to the toilet at a fixed point, dry and hygienic, suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs, groundhogs, guinea pigs, minks and other small pets.

Package includes:
1×Small pet large square toilet basin