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Atotoa 31.5" Wooden Dog House Puppy Shelter Kennel Outdoor & Indoor Dog Crate, with Flower Stand, Plant Stand, with Wood Feeder

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  • Extra crossbars on every side of the bottom panel give an incredible amount of rigidity to the base so it can last for years.
  • Great wood frame ensure that large dogs can't knock it over. A sturdy stand keeps your dog food and water from ending up on the floor in a big mess.
  • This design ensure good circulation of air and the dog can always breathe fresh air whatever the weather is outside.
  • Raised floor,2" ground clearance,allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping the floor dry and comfortable.
  • And a white fence is designed to around the top surface,so potted plants can be placed here. Moreover, a drainage channel is made at the top hence to ensure smooth drainage.

31.5" Wooden Dog House Puppy Shelter Kennel Outdoor & Indoor Dog crate, with Flower Stand, Plant Stand, With Wood Feeder

Safety and Natural

Outdoor dog house is Eco-friendly and non-toxic for your lovely friends.

Wood Feeder

Our dog house is including a nice wooden feeder, 2 stainless steel bowls for clean eating. Stainless steel bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Ventilation design & constant temperature

This Dog Kennel has a window and a door, and the window opens with a locking arm, you can open the window to keep fresh or close it to keep warm.

High-quality Wood

Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years.

Multifunctional use

There is a plastic mat on top of the cage to insulate the water, in that way, rain water won’t seep into the dog cage.

Package list:

Dog house*1


Hardware bag*1

Wood Feeder*1

Stainless bowl*2