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AOKOWN Dog Boots for Hot Pavement Shoes/ Waterproof Dog Shoes for Small Medium Large Anti-Slip Pet Paw Protector Dog Rain Boots with Reflective Straps 4PCS (Orange, Size 7)

AOKOWN Dog Boots for Hot Pavement Shoes/ Waterproof Dog Shoes for Small Medium Large Anti-Slip Pet Paw Protector Dog Rain Boots with Reflective Straps 4PCS (Orange, Size 7)

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  • 🐕‍🦺【Easy to put on & take off】: The top of the dog shoe contains elastic fabric and adjustable reflective tape, which can prevent the dog shoe from falling off the dog's paw, so that the dog can put on and take off the dog shoe easily.
  • 🐕‍🦺【High Quality】High quality fabric, high-grade space leather + nylon reflective strip + reflective webbing, wear-resistant,stain-resistant, soft, comfortable, hand-washable, cute and durable.
  • 🐕‍🦺【Reflective Strips】Dog shoes with adjustable reflective strips can adjust the tightness of your dog's shoes and also make your dog safer at night. Let pedestrians see the dog more clearly.
  • 🐕‍🦺【Sturdy Sole】: Durable, waterproof dog boots provide good stability and traction, effectively preventing medium/large dogs from slipping. The sole is made of a sturdy, high-quality fabric that separates dog paws from hardwood floors and hot roads.
  • 🐕‍🦺【Waterproof & Comfortable】: These dog boots can keep your dog's feet dry and clean, and the waterproof sole keeps your dog's paws comfortable and warm in rainy days. The dog shoes are soft and comfortable, and effectively protect the dog's paws from various external environments.
  • 🐕‍🦺【Warming Tips】: If your dog wears dog shoes for the first time, she/he may not be used to dog shoes at first. Let your dog try a few more times until he/he gets used to walking in dog shoes.
  • 🐕‍🦺【AOKOWN Service】: Our size is calculated according to the inner diameter of the boots. Please allow a little size error for manual measurement. If you have any questions about products and services, you are welcome to contact us at any time. AOKOWN allows you to buy with confidence.

Product Description


  • Hot summer---The high-quality fabric makes these boots protect the dog’s paws from being burned in the hot summer, but soft and breathable to paws.
  • Rainny day--These dog shoes are made with water resistant material, which can prevent rain from entering the shoes, keep the dog's paws dry and clean after the rain.
  • Cold winter--These dog shoes can keep the dog's paws dry, warm and clean in cold winter, dogs can play as much as they want without frostbite their paws.
  • Hiking and camping--Long-term hiking can cause serious damage to the dog's paws, so AOKOWN dog shoes are essential for hiking, let the dog enjoy the outdoor time while also giving its paws good protection.
  • Seaside beach--When you take your dog to the beach or desert, these dog shoes can well protect the paws from the gravel and stones, so that the dog can better enjoy the scenery.

Original Intention Of The Brand

We hope that humans can get along with dogs correctly. In front of all lives, every life is equal. Humans need shoes and pets also need protection. This is our original intention.

We Are Very Happy To Develop What We Like Into Our Career.

We like pet dogs very much, and love from the heart, so we founded this pet shoe factory, and then we have the brand AOKOWN. We research and design products by ourselves, from design to material, we take every link seriously. Each of our shoes is a 30-day try-on experience for dogs. We observe and record repeatedly every day, and we will arrange mass production of products if we have the correct foot feel and comfort. We will not produce waste to waste the limited resources of the earth.

  • Live in harmony with animals
  • First-line service quality

According To The Size, Suitable For Small To Large Dogs

Our size is calculated based on the inner size of the boots, not the outer size of the boots, they are all measured manually. Please allow a little dimensional error.

How To Choose Size?

  • 1. Place the paw on a piece of paper and press down on the top.
  • 2. Mark the left and right sides on the paper and measure the distance between the marks.
  • 3. Choose size according to width is better, the width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size chart.
  • 4. The size is the inside size of the boots, not boots size outside, In between size, please choose the larger size.
  • 5. We suggest you use foot breadth first and foot length second before choosing the size.
  • 6. Pet dog might experience some discomfort the first time he wears the pet shoes. You could help him with some simple training.

Protecting Pets, We Are Also Considering For The Owners

1. Protect The Floor

2. Protect The Mattress And Kennel

3. Protect The Sofa

4. Protection Door

Are you also troubled by the dog's dismantling furniture? Do you need to change furniture frequently? A pair of doggie shoes can help you solve your worries! !

Please forgive it! ! Regarding the damage to the home, they sometimes cannot control themselves.

The reason is 1. When the owner goes out and goes to work, the dog that cannot be accompanied is energetic and cannot vent, so it needs to bite and tear the furniture to vent loneliness

2. During the tooth replacement period, the dog will be very manic when it enters the tooth replacement period.

At this time you need a pair of pet shoes~ Take reasonable care of your family and dogs

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