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67 Inch Cat Cage Cat Kennel Large Cat Playpen for Indoor Cats with Free Hammock 3 Cat Bed 3 Front Doors 2 Ramp Ladders Perching Shelves, White

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  • ✅【High Quality & Durable】Our Cat Crate is made of sturdy metal wire and has a black E coating to prevent rust. The 3 tier cat playpen distance between the wires is reasonably designed and will not harm your pet. And it can prevent your pet from escaping and is a good product for new kittens or pets. Your pets will be safe when you are outside.

    ✅【Quality accessories】Cat Playpen has a durable swing,2 tier shelves and 2 metal ladders that can be easily placed in your cat cage.And we also give two cushions to your pet as a comfortable bed for your pet.

    ✅【Easy to Clean and Move】There is a removable tray at the bottom of the cat cage, you can easily take it out to clean up your pet's domestic waste. And our cat cage is very light, you can easily drag the cat playpen to where you want to place it.

    ✅【Large Exercise Place 】Our cat cage has a huge space, its total size is 33''x22''x67''(LxWxH), it is a place for entertainment activities of small animals such as cats, rabbits, squirrels, etc.This spacious cat cage with 2 door will ensure that your pet is always fresh and happy

    ✅【Warranty】Our cat crate is high quality.If you meet any product problems, you can feel free to contact us.We will gladly give you a 100% refund or the replacement for the cat playpen.

Introduction: This cat crate offers safe space for even the most energetic cat to run, jump and play! It promotes health and longevity, your furry friends could get physical and mental stimulation.


  1. 🐱The cat cage is convenient and lightweight, easy to set up
  2. 🐱The cat crate doesn't take up space at home, cats can rest well inside
  3. 🐱Two large cabinet front doors (top and bottom) with safety latches for easy access to your pet
  4. 🐱The cat crate is made of strong metal wire, the appearance is exquisite.
  5. 🐱The cat playpen is designed to be fully foldable and easy to store and carry when not in use.
  6. 🐱The cat crate playpen has detachable tray.


  • Material:High quality Metal
  • Overall dimension:33"x22"x67"(L x W x H)
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 1 to 3 cats