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Yosoo UVA UVB Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb, E27 100Watt Reptile Heat Bulb Full Spectrum Sun Light Lamp Sunbathe Reptile Lizard Lamp UV Heating Lamp for Bearde Dragon Lizard Turtle Gecko

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  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of high quality glass material, the wick is durable and anti-aging
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: This daylight bulb provides 97% UVA to stimulate reptile's appetite, enhace body temperature and help to digest and 3% UVB promote vitamin D3 synthesis, fully absorb calcium.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to install, just screw it into a standard E27 screw base
  • ENERGY SAVING: Low power consumption, eco-friendly and long life service. Promote pet's appetite and help digestion to maintain nutritionally balanced growth
  • FULL SPECTRUM: Under the condition of full spectrum light source, animal has bright hair color. The red band of full spectrum light can promote the speed of blood circulation under the skin of animals and improve immunity.Suitable for reptile, such as turtles, snakes,