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WUMUGE Bird Ladder Toys, Flexible and Bendable Bird Decorated with Rainbow Ladder Birdcage Accessories Swing Chewing Toys Bird Toys for Parakeets

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  • MATERIAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Bird ladder toys are made of natural wood, non-toxic, durable, sturdy, environmentally friendly, and corrosion-resistant, providing a perfect toy for small animals. A variety of colors stimulate the visual senses. Attract your cute bird. Provide perfect toys for small animals and give them a comfortable hiding place.
  • FREE BENDING: The steel wire rope runs through the entire ladder, which is strong and durable, flexible and bendable, suitable for most cages, and the steel hook can be easily connected to the cage. The perfect decoration for bird cages
  • PET EXERCISE: The colorful ladder is encouraging pet exercises by developing balance and coordination. Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, suitable all small and medium birds, such as parakeets, cockatiels, conure, lovebirds, African grey,small macaw,hamster, rat, parrot. Proper exercise not only improves the skills of pets but also makes them feel good.
  • WHAT YOU GET: You can get a bird ladder toy with 6 Ladders/8 Ladders/10 Ladders, suitable for different pets, and suitable for small/large cages. Can be hung on small/large pet cages. It is designed for free movement of pets while ensuring safety and durability. The ladder is hung in the cage, pets can swing freely from above and enjoy
  • DEVELOP THE BALANCE OF BIRDS: Bird ladder toys encourage birds to climb, play and jump between steps. This can develop their balance ability, make them agile, and maintain the shape of their feet.