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Woiworco 4 Packs Chicken Toys for Coop, Chicken Xylophone Toys with Mirror, Vegetable Hanging Feeder and Chicken Swing Toys for Chicken Hens

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  • Package Included: 1x Chicken Swing Toys, 1x Chicken Xylophone Toys with Mirror, 2 x Vegetable Hanging Feeder. The toy for chickens is a good helper to relieve chicken’s boredom and pressure
  • Swing Toys: Made of natural pepperwood. Designed with colorful bell and wooden beads, these accessories can attract the attention of chickens or parrots more, inspire them to play swing toy
  • Music Toys: Chicken Xylophone base is made of wood, key made by metal. Premium design for chicken entertainment, chicken xylophone toy has metal keys and bells, will make a sound when chicken peck it
  • Vegetable Feeder: Made of stainless steel. Feeder fork can hang two or three kinds of vegetables. The hanging design stop chickens step on the food, keeps the vegetables and fruits clean and fresh. Fighting to peck at it and enjoying themselves
  • Multifunction: These chicken bird toys not only provide fun and entertainment for roosters and hens but stimulate chickens' natural gathering, foraging behaviors by pecking and playing with these chicken toys