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Vitakraft Crunch Sticks Variety Pack: Orange & Apricot Flavor, Egg & Honey Flavor, Sesame & Banana Flavor Treats for Parakeets, 2.4 Oz

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  • Three Delicious Flavors: Orange & Apricot, Egg & Honey, and Sesame & Banana
  • Triple Baked for Crunchiness and Great Taste
  • Long-Lasting Treat with a Natural Wood Chew Center
  • Vitamin Fortified Treats Contain Only Top Quality Ingredients
  • Includes a Clip Holder which Attaches to the Cage for Dispensing

We put together three delicious Parakeet crunch stick flavors for delicious variety pack of crunchy goodness! Sticks included are orange & apricot, egg & honey, and sesame & banana flavors. These triple-baked layered treat sticks are a great way to treat your favorite pet with a natural wood chew center to promote chewing and beak health long after the treat part is gone. Vitakraft Crunch Sticks are more than just a treat: they help promote important chewing needed for wearing down a bird's beak to keep it healthy and strong. Treats can also help keep birds mentally and physically stimulated to prevent boredom and stress that may lead to feather plucking.