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Tropical Chickens

Tropical Chickens Parrot Bird Boredom Buster Forage Box Creative Hanging Treat Foraging Toy Conure Cockatiel for Small Bird Enrichment Transparent Acrylic Food Holder

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  • PARROT BOREDOM BUSTER! Hanging treat forage boxes.
  • Fill with treats and watch them play!
  • Or keep your bird busy while you are away!
  • PUZZLE solving, physical EXERCISE, and FUN all-in-one!
  • Bird-safe material. Safe for birds to chew and play with.

SMALL BIRD TOY! Daily enrichment for your companion bird! Hang it up & fill the forage boxes with treats! A HEALTHY ACTIVITY to keep your bird happy while you are away - OR - stay and watch them PLAY! 3 acrylic boxes with cut-out shapes to access treats. Top box has a lid that lifts up. Bird-safe materials. Safe for birds to chew and play with. Appropriate for small and medium sized birds.All bird toys should be used under observation to ensure birds safety.