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Totalpond UV Pond Clarifier

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  • The UV Pond Clarifier is ideal for cleaning the green out of water and preventing nasty odors in ponds up to 2,000 gallons.
  • The UV Pond Clarifier can easily be installed in or out of your pond.
  • The included 9W UV bulb lasts up to 8,000 hours. We recommend changing UV bulbs yearly for optimum cleaning performance.
  • The UV indicator light and clear adaptors allow you to see the unit is running.
  • Connects to a pump outlet with a 1/2, 3/4, or 1 in. ID tubing
  • Reduces micro-organisms and bacteria
  • For use with ponds up to 2,000 gallons
  • Water is pumped into the UV chamber
  • Water is sterilized using our 9 watt and water is pumped out into filter or pond

The TotalPond UV Clarifier uses green UV light technology to sterilize your pond water. Sterilization will help prevent nasty odors and murky water. This Clarifier is recommended for ponds that hold up to 2,000 gallons of fresh water or less. The UV bulb lasts up to 8,000 hours and can be easily replaced.