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Sweet Feet and Beak

Sweet Feet & Beak Shred Master - Perfect Bird Cage Toy for All Birds - Shredding & Engagement - Safe, Non-Toxic, Easy to Install Parrot Cage Accessories

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  • KEEP YOUR BIRD ENGAGED: By offering your pet a great toy like this one, you can promote instinctive activities that sharpen your bird's intelligence and engage their vision. Foraging for food encourages preening and chewing. These colorful hanging shredders can be filled with your pet's favorite snacks, seeds, food, or treats that encourage exploration and keep your feathered friend entertained. Comes with shredder paper for an extra challenge!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This indestructible cage toy for birds will be ready for fun and games in no time! Provided quick link connects to any size cage in seconds. The perfect addition to any bird play stand. The small size is 2.5 inches wide, while the large size is 4 inches wide.
  • DURABLE, PET-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: This is an incredibly strong, sanitary plastic container, made safe for your bird to feed and forage. Made from materials used to manufacture bullet proof glass, for years of bird proof durability.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Your bird deserves a clean toy to forage and play with. Many other bird toys, perches, and accessories are difficult or impossible to keep clean. Sweet Feet and Beak toys clean easily with soap and water.
  • FUN FOR BIRDS AND THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS: Whether you have a cockatiel, macaw, parrot, parakeet, conure, cockatoo, lovebird, or budgie, Sweet Feet & Beak wants to offer you toys that provide the best learning and game experience for all bird types. Birds are incredibly smart, and a toy like this can provide them with hours of challenge and stimulation that they need to keep their minds active.