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Suruikei 7 Inch Bird Mirror with Rope Perch Cockatiel Mirror Parrot Swing Toys Parrot Cage Toys for Parakeet Cockatoo Cockatiel Conure Lovebirds Finch Canaries

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  • Material: This Mirror made of acrylic and cotton rope, light and not easy to hurt the parrot. Notice: Please tear off the protective film on the mirror surface before installation.
  • Colorful rope perch: Comfortable for bird standing & more durable for bird chewing. It will soothe and exercise tender feet for your lovely birds. It allow you to hang the mirror anywhere in the cage.
  • Large integrateed metal hooks design: Bird mirror perch fit for most bird cages, and easy-to-use stand-in bolts and wing nuts can be attached to the cage, a great accessory for bird cages. Easy to install, No tools required. It allows you to hang the mirror anywhere in the cage.
  • Large size: Parakeet mirror 7.48 x 5.5 x 5 inch(19x 14x 12.8 cm). It is suit for african greys, amazons, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, budgies ,lovebirds, canaries. This bird mirror for parrot toy is designed for medium to large birds.
  • Reduce Loneliness: The bird mirror toy solve the loneliness of parrots due to the lack of companions and owners to play with. The bird takes great pleasure in seeing itself in the mirror and spending hours staring at and chirping at its own reflection, as if a partner is playing with it, alleviating boredom and reducing the bird's loneliness.