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SLEEK & SASSY NUTRITIONAL DIET Golden Farms Premium Millet Spray for Birds (2 Lbs.)

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  • Family Owned & Operated in Oregon since 1983
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Artificial Colors or Sulfites (SO²)
  • For All Pet Birds as well as Outdoor Birds
  • Adds Recommended Nutritional Variety To A Bird's Diet

Golden Farms "Premium" Millet Spray aka Spray Millet the biggest and best. Millet has been grown and cultivated around the globe for millennia. It is the mature dried seed head of the foxtail or finger family of millets. Though there are many varieties that vary primarily in size and color, it consists of a long, thin stalk containing many tufts of 25 to 50 small tan seeds. Nearly all seed eating birds including parakeets, canaries, finches, cockatiels, conures and parrots relish these small seeds which makes Millet Spray a wonderful treat. Birds are not the only fans, small pet animals like gerbils, mice and hamsters also adore the small seeds.