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SAWMONG Bird Parrot Toys Bird Perch Stand Pet Birds Swing Climbing Ladder with Chewing Toys Playground Accessories for Small Parakeets Cockatiels Conures Lovebirds

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  • WHAT YOU GET: The birdcage toy consists of 7 pieces, two birds perch stands, one hanging hammock swing toy, one hanging wooden ladder toy, one rope ladder toy, two chewing toys. Pet birds parrots love to play, chew and explore.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION BIRD TOY: We provide different kinds of bird toys for birds, including swings, stands, rope ladders, and chew toys, which can let your bird have a rest, and can also provide pet birds with opportunities for exercise, such as climbing, swing, cleaning teeth, etc.
  • BEST QUALITY&SAFE MATERIALS: Our bird stand is made of natural and environmental wood, free of paint and toxic materials. Our bird chew toys are made of high-quality colourful ropes that can be very durable.
  • BEST BIRD PLAYGROUND: Our bird toys are much wonderful for birds to play with because they can keep them healthy physically and mentally. Bird parrot toy also provides your pet birds with many perch areas and ladders that can relax your birds outside of birdcage and strengthen their muscles. Fit for Small Parakeets Cockatiels, Conures, Budgie, Parrots, Love Birds, Finches.
  • EASY TO EASY TO INSTALL: Our bird toys have high-quality steel hooks for easy installation. The bottom of the bird's standing frame is equipped with metal nuts and bolts, which can be fixed to the cage and can bear the weight. You can install the birdcage gym with your own hands, no equipment tools.

Birds parrots are a kind of intelligent animal. In the long process of being raised by humans, they like to play and interact with people.

Do you have any bird friends? Do you provide them with bird entertainment and toys besides playing with your bird? Here we provide some suggestions for your bird:  please choose our bird toys.

A lonely bird may feel bored, bite its feathers, and over time, it will become a grumpy bird. With our toys, it will become a good bird with a docile personality, and in the same way, it will never be bored again.

Our bird perch stand can give the birds a place for entertainment, also help them with rest and exercise.

Our bird-hanging rope ladders can provide birds with opportunities to climb and exercise, increase their exercise volume and maintain their health.

Our bird ropes chew toys can clean the teeth of birds and protect their dental health.

Material: 100% Natural wood

Size: As the picture shows

Package: 1 pcs Bird Perch Stand with swing and 1 pcs Ladder with Chewing Toys


Please note that this product is made of natural wood, its shape and size may have errors, and there may also be some natural textures and cracks.

This series of bird toys do not contain birdcage.