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Rhinox CO2 Proof Tubing, for Aquarium CO2 Diffuser Planted Tank, 50 Feet

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  • ✔‌ ‌‌No C02 is Lost With Our Tubing --- Generic tubing usually loses up to 30% of c02 due to permeability. But when you have the tough Co2 tubing by Rhinox by your side, stay assured that you won’t lose any of the Co2 that you wish to pump into the aquarium.
  • ✔ Sturdy, Tough Design --- The tubing is thick, durable and long-lasting. It measures 0.15” diameter 0.24” which supports a common carbon dioxide apparatus setup. The use is not limited to just the freshwater and marine aquariums, it can also be used for indoor gardens, and hydroponics.
  • ✔ Flexible And Kink-Free --- This tubing is easy to handle, bend, and set up due to the flexibility of the tubing. The Rhinox tubing will remain kink-free, soft and long a last time.
  • ✔ Discreet Black Color Hides Gunk --- The black color of this co2 proof tubing is smart, because it will hide any unwanted dirt or debris or any scum, if present.
  • ✔ Easily Connects To Regulator --- This tubing will fit onto your co2 regulator which is connected to the diffuser. To ensure optimal co2 levels for your plants and fish, you just need to get started with this heavy-duty pipe.