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RF-X Parrot Toys, Natural Corn Cob Chewing Bird Toys, Macaws, African Grey Parrots and Various Amazon Parrot Bird Cage Accessories Toys, Love Birds Parrot Cage Toys (6 String Design)

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  • [Bird toys for parrots] for medium and large bird cage toys, a variety of small parrots, macaws, African gray parrots, Amazon parrots, African gray parrot toys for medium-sized parrots.
  • [Bird toys for parrots] natural rattan ball, balsam wood, corn cob chewing parrot bird cage accessories cockatiel toys.
  • [Natural and safe materials] corn cob, natural rattan ball, macaw food coloring, purely handmade, bright colors, no harm to pets, while increasing the interest of birds.
  • [Reduce pet anxiety] can be a good exercise parrot bird beak, beak hook curved, upper jaw. Can easily attract parrot birds to chew and they will spend long hours playing with these toys every day, keeping your parrot busy, less destructive and more fun. No more impatience and anxiety, and more willing to approach their owners.
  • [Very easy to install] With movable hooks, the hooks can be simply fixed on the top of the pet cage, the side, very convenient and beautiful, but also a beautiful parrot bird cage accessories.

Color plus natural wood color design, parrot chew toys are designed with bright colors, easier to attract pet parrots birds; parrots will play with these toys for a long time, healthier, no longer anxious and anxious. Wooden strips made of natural balsam wood and combined with natural cotton thread; quick hook for easy installation in bird cages for medium pet bird parrots to play with. Specifications. Size (L) x (W): 19in'' x 9in'' Weight: 260G Note: You can buy our products with confidence, if you have any questions about the product and order, please feel free to contact us, we provide 24-hour service.