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RF-X Bird Toys, Parrot Toys, 6-Piece Bird Training Toys, Including Mini Shopping Carts, Bird Sliders, Bird Stacking Toys, Parrot Building Block Puzzle Toys

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  • 1. Made of safe materials, brightly colored and well-made, they are perfect for birds to play with, especially for smart and naughty birds. Birds may need time to get familiar with the toys and learn to play with them. But it's also fun to teach a bird to play with toys, and train your favorite pet so often that it may be the next Netflix ......
  • 2. These toys, best suited for small and medium-sized birds, such as gentoo parrots, small cone-tailed parrots, long-tailed parakeets are very fond of it.
  • 3. set of bird training toys, not only to develop the intelligence of birds, but also to help parrot birds in the boredom of play and emotional relief toys.
  • 4. Parrot toy set consists of 1 mini skateboard, 1 mini mini shopping cart and 2 throwing balls, including 1 post and 4 rings, 1 jigsaw puzzle.
  • 5. You can buy our products with confidence, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please feel free to contact us, we provide 24-hour service.

a,Mini skateboard, you can let the bird stand on the skateboard to glide, help the bird to improve the sense of balance and coordination ability. b,Mini mini shopping cart, package contains 2 basketball throwing toys, training the bird while also being a good exercise for the pet bird's beak health. c,Wooden post and throwing ring, training the bird to put the ring over the post, very into the development of pet bird intelligence. d,jigsaw puzzle, let the bird in boredom to kill time, keep the pet bird physical and mental health.