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QBLEEV 8 Pcs Bird Toys, Parrot Chewing Toys Cage Hanging Swing with Bells, Pet Wooden Perch Hammock for Budgies Parakeets Conures Love Birds Cockatiel Finches

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  • Our toys can keep your pet energized and become a paradise for your pets to climb, chew, and play, helping to avoid depression and anxiety caused by boredom. At the same time, they can exercise and strengthen their muscles to promote good beak health.

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--The QBLEEV store is dedicated to pet products, including cats, dogs and parrots and other small pet animals.

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Name:QBLEEV 8 Pcs Bird Toys

Material: natural wood and plant

Color: wood color

Weight: 280G

Package Include:

5 x Hanging Toys(3 with bells)

2 x Ladder Toys

1 x Perch Stand with Bell



  • Natural wood material, safe to chew and durable to use.
  • Different shapes and bell can easily attract your pets’ attention, you can save more time.
  • Designed to give all types of small and medium birds like parakeets, parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, finches,budgie,parrots, love birds.
  • With hooks on the top, these toys are easy to install.
  • Give your pet a sense of security and belonging, be closer to their owners.
  • Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb and play, helping to avoid depression and anxiety.