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Polarduck Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Trapping Mat, Honeycomb Double Layer Design, Urine and Water Proof Material, Scatter Control, Less Waste,Easier to Clean,Washable

Polarduck Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Trapping Mat, Honeycomb Double Layer Design, Urine and Water Proof Material, Scatter Control, Less Waste,Easier to Clean,Washable

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  • Best Mat for Gathering Litter: This cat litter trapper helps you to trap the scatter cat litter, no more getting litter stuck to your feet and cleaning your floor on daily basis! Our product is large enough to cover your cat’s litter box area, and the honeycomb shape holes are extra large to cat and trap every cat litter.
  • Waterproof & Urine Proof: With the honeycomb double layer design, the bottom layer is waterproof and urine proof, no need to worry about your hardwood floor and carpets from urine stains. Also, the bottom layer won’t slip, it will stay in one place once you have placed it.
  • Special & Convenient Design: The one and only special side handles design in the market. Just pick up the side handles, all the trapped litter falls through automatically, the easily recycle the cat litter by dumping it back in the litter box. It is much effective and convenient than most of the product in the market. Pick up and dump the litter, simple like that.
  • Washable & Easy Cleaning: Unique velcro design, unlike other envelope like product, we have added a velcro on the edge of our product. You could open our product like opening a book, and deeply clean the bottom layer under a vaccum. Also, with the washable material, you could clean it under sink head or shower head.
  • BPA Free & Warranty: Our premium comfort mat is phthalate free (it is a must for pets!) and our super soft EVA material is gentle on sensitive paws. Every Polarduck product comes with one year manufacturer warranty and 24 hours customer service.

Product Description


strives to earn customers’ satisfaction from awesome using experience and compromising product quality.

Why you need this product?

If you are a cat lover, you must have life this moment, the cat litter scattered all over the floor by your dear partner. The cat litter might even get all over your furniture and shoes. Cat likes traveling all over your house, and they don’t want to do that either.

Best Mat for Easy Cleaning and Recycling

Smart design - With its deep grooves and honeycomb-shaped holes, it traps litter scatter that would otherwise spread on your bare floor, keeping your house mess free.

Zero Odor

Made of environmentally material, safe and non-toxic.


Thick enough to withstand kitty's paws and vacuuming.

Supreme Waterproof

Washable and waterproof EVA, urine repel and odor deter.

Keep Your Kitty's Paws Clean

Finding your kitty litter on carpet, clothing, furniture, even your bed... is, well, disgusting.

With our cat litter mat, your kitty's paws can get cleaned the second she steps on it. In addition, the cat litter that falls on or trapped in the mat can be recycled easily.

Massage Your Sleeping Cat

We use a patented design of extra soft mesh. Not only does it trap cat litter, but it also massage your kitty's paws. Your kitty will love stepping on it after leaving the litter box. She may even have a nap on it!

Warm Prompt

How to deal with the folds when you get your mat?

  • Solution 1:Put some heavy stuff e.g litter box on the mat, it will reshape and become flat again within 24 hours.
  • Solution 2: Use a hairdryer. After heating the folds till it reach a certain temperature, fold it in the opposite direction.

Easy Cleaning

Super easy to recycle the cat litter. Washable, cleaning with vaccum or wash it under shower head is ok. Save you lots of time and energy by using it.

Size 23" ×17" 23" ×17" 31” ×26” 31” ×26”
Handle No No
One Side Opening Two Sides Opening Two Sides Opening
Velcro No No
Fits 2 litter boxes 1 1
Soft on Paws
Ultra Durable
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