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Global Harvest Foods, Ltd.

Peanut & Sunflower Wild Bird Feed and Seed, New, 10 Lb. Bag

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  • Perfect everyday bird food blend featuring oil-rich sunflower seeds and hearty peanuts 
  • Attracts an array of colorful songbirds to your feeders all year 
  • Variety of bird seed ingredients for both small and large wild birds
  • For use in hopper, tube, or platform feeders
  • Condition: New

Peanut & Sunflower Wild Bird Feed is a delicious blend of wild bird favorites making it perfect for year-round feeding. Loaded with protein-packed peanuts and oil-rich sunflower seeds, this bird seed blend will keep your backyard birds energized all year long. Our Peanut & Sunflower blend attracts chickadees, titmice, jays, nuthatches, cardinals, and more.

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