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Parrot Training Stand Pet Bird Table Perch Stands PVC Bird Standing Platform Bird Shower Bath Stand Rack Standing Gym Training Grinding Toy Playstand Holder

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  • 【Multi-section Pipe Composition】PVC Stand Bar Perch for Secure Grip and have no trouble keeping them clean. Multi-section pipe composition, greatly enhance the bird's activity space.
  • 【Extend Birds’ 】Give your feathered friends the room they need to walk around comfortably, and fully flap and extend their with this bird perch stand.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】Extremely easy to assemble and use. No tools required. It can be placed on the desktop or balcony for play or interact with the owner.
  • 【Increases Activity Level】Fun to play, climb and rest,relieves boredom and increases activity level, Perch toy provides your pet with a nice and cozy place to play and exercise.
  • 【Widely Used】It is suitable for budgies cockatiel macaw african greys and other similar size birds.