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Parrot Toys for Large Birds Rope Perches for Parrots Bird Toys Bird Cage Accerises Tearing Chewing Toys for Cockatoos,Macaw,African Grey,Conure,Amazon Parrots and Other Medium to Large Birds Wooden

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  • 【1 * 33.5in Bird Rope Perch】:Covered with soft cotton around a flexible metal ,with a 33.5in lenght ,the bird rope perch is Long and hard enough for any small to large birds.Very easy to connect to your bird cage.You can create your own but different shape (straight ,loops, curves, U type,Z type ......) for your parrots friends to do exercise.
  • 【1 * Large Multicolored Wooden Blocks Toy】: Design with bright color cubes,cuboids, cylinders,beads and many cotton knots,your smart birds will try to open it and show great interesting on this brain game bird toy.
  • 【Keep Active】: Keep your bird busy and they will feel very happy,our multi-color block Chewing toys are arranged with brightly colored blocks, which will catch your bird friends' eyes immediately.And then they will chew them to pieces for great fun.In this broken way,your companion will keep busy for hours or days longer.It's a great selection to give your bird entertainment,and exercise.
  • 【Safe To Play and Chew】: These Parrot Cage toys are made of natural wood which is safe to chew.Chewing is a natural behavior that will promote your bird friends’ physical and emotional active.With all the pretty block colorful things to chew,your bird friends will immediately fall in a good way.
  • 【Guarantee】: If you are not satisfied with our products, just return it and a refund will do; we provide 24 hours customer services, please feel free to contact us.