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Panther Armor

Panther Armor 10(Ten)-Pack Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – Double Sided anti Cats Scratching Sticky Tape – 5-Pack XL 16”L 12”W + 5-Pack Large 17”L 10”W Furniture Protectors – Clear Training Tape

Panther Armor 10(Ten)-Pack Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – Double Sided anti Cats Scratching Sticky Tape – 5-Pack XL 16”L 12”W + 5-Pack Large 17”L 10”W Furniture Protectors – Clear Training Tape

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  • ✔️[ TRAIN YOUR CAT INSTANTLY ] The best double-sided cat scratch tape is new in town & ready to roll. But there’s NO roll! The sheets are packaged flat & easily pliable on any corner. The 5 XL and 5 L anti-scratch tape sticky sheets provide more than enough cover surface for cat scratching prevention. Training your cat with Panther Armor may be the best investment in protecting your furniture. The anti-cat scratch tape can be applied on any upholstered couch, chair, doors, carpet, etc.
  • ✔️[ INSTALL AND FORGET ] Stick the cat furniture protector sheets and let them do the job for you. The sticky side will annoy your kitty so much, that you won’t see the little pet near your furniture any time soon. Stop the cat claw damage on your sofa with Panther Armor – non-toxic, 100% safe tape. The product is residue-free and does not harm the furniture after removal. Protect your furniture & keep your cat’s claws healthy and safe.
  • ✔️[ VERY EASY TO APPLY ] The 100% clear tape will blend instantly with your furniture. The scratch guards will take no more than 5 mins of your time for installation, thanks to our “super easy-peel system”. 1. Quickly vacuum the area; 2. Cut the protectors and adjust their size; 3. Peel away the white backing; 4. Stick the adhesive where you want to protect; 5. Peel away the blue backing. Voila! The best protection on your furniture. No more cats will “stick” around, for sure ☺️
  • ✔️[ PREVENT & PROTECT ] The repellent tapes are highly effective due to their size and sticky material. They immediately STOP & PREVENT the cats or dogs to scratch through them. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned strips. You’ve had enough of cat clawing your sofa? The scratches won’t be a problem once you teach your cat where not to scratch by using PANTHER ARMOR products – the best cat claw shields in town.
  • ✔️[ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ] We’re dedicated to offering the best products to keep your cat off the furniture. The furniture items will suffer NO DAMAGE when the furniture protectors from cats are removed. We made sure the furniture defender meets the highest standards of quality but if for ANY reasons you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. Click on the "Add to Cart" button NOW and get this amazing new product!

Product Description

Protect Your Furniture Against Cat Scratch

Easy 5-Minute Installation With No Headache

Cut the Sheets to the Size that You Need

The Panther Armor cat deterrent tape sheets can by easily cut to the size you need. Cut & adjust within seconds.

Peel Away the White Backing

Peel away the white backing and prepare the sticky side for application.

Stick the Adhesive Where You Want to Protect

Stick the sheets to the area affected by cat scratch.

Peel Off the Blue Backing. Voila!

Peel off the blue backing and expose the outside sticky side. Your cat won't go anywhere near it. VOILA!

Instantly Protect Your Furniture and Keep Your Cat's Claws Safe

Frequently Asked Questions About Panther Armor Cat Scratch Tape

Panther Armor promises to protect your furniture while keeping your cat’s claws safe.

What’s the Size?

The double-sided cat scratch deterrent tape 5 PCS XL 16”L 12”W + 5 PCS Large 17”L 10”W covers a considerably high size, meeting any household needs.

Will They Stick Well on My Couch?

Your sofa has never been safer. The adhesive is just enough to stick well on any furniture and still not to produce any damage or leave any sticky residue.

Is This a Real Problem Solver?

Say no more. Panther Armor anti-scratch cat training tape teaches your pet to never step anywhere near the affected area. Our furniture protector is a long-term solution in cat claw damage prevention.

Where Should I Use Them?

To sum up: wherever your cat scratches! The 100% clear repellent sheets are designed to be applied on almost everything: any side of the upholstered couch, sofa corners, chair, carpet, door, etc.

*We recommend to first test a small piece on a hidden area.

Why Panther Armor Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape?

  • Trains Your Cat Where not to Scratch
  • Hard to Scratch Through
  • Easily Customizable
  • Fast Peel & Apply
  • Non-Toxic & Reisue-Free
  • 100% Transparent

Why Choose Our Furniture Protectors From Cats?

Well-Established Brand in the Furniture Protectors from Cats Industry

Panther Armor is a well-established brand in this industry, offering many furniture protection products, from tapes to premium vinyl sheets. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned strips. Choose the best scratch guards and keep the cats or dogs away from your precious furniture.

*Not Recommended for Faux or Real Leather

We don't recommend our cat training tape to be used on microfiber, leather, faux or real leather.

1. Cut, peel and apply a small piece of a protector and test it on a hidden area.

2. Apply it and leave it for a day or two.

3. Remove and check your upholstery.

4. Apply the rest of the protectors if the material is intact.

Years of Tradition in Protecting the Furniture from Cats

Number of Sheets 10 8 8 12 10
Total Coverage 1810 SQ IN 1496 SQ IN 1448 SQ IN 2014 SQ IN 1810 SQ IN
Budget-Friendly Option No No
Stop & Prevent Scratching
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